Get a Head Start on Ancient Greece!

The Greeks were great inventors!  See if you can count all the inventions!


Study Question

Find these on a map of China:  Rose Compass, Himalayan Mountains, South China Sea, Yellow River, Yellow Sea, Mongolia, East China Sea


See Your Pyramids on the Chaparral Web Site!

These are really terrific!  Great job 6th grade Social Studies!

Name the Silk Worm!

Lets’s give our silk worm a name.  She will periodically visit our site!

We will have an online vote next week.

Study Question!

What were the different philosophies of Lao-Zi and Confucius?




Please Remember! Unit Test is on Friday!



Tell us about your favorite part of the Ancient China Unit!



Giant Laozi in Wuxi Jiangsu, China




The Oracle Bones


The Geography of China

The Great Wall of China

Shi Huangdi!

The Clay Army

Making Paper in the Han Dynasty

paper processing

The Grand School

The Grand School was a government school that was started to teach the fifty best students to become bureaucrats (the people who run the government).

Great Wall of China Project

The Han Dynasty

 This week we will be studying the Han Dynasty! 

Daily life in the Han Dynasty

The Silk Road

Silkworm (Yikes!)

Tell us what you learned about the Han Dynasty!