Ancient Mesopotamia Diet

Mesopotamian Sheepherders

The primary crop for ancient farmers was grain.  Barley was the grain that most farmers

grew in Mesopotamia. Rice and corn were unknown, and wheat wouldn’t grow in their

silty soil. Mesopotamian bread was coarse and unleavened (flat), but a more expensive

bread could be baked from finer flour. The gardens of Mesopotamia, watered by irrigation

canals, were lush with fruits and vegetables. Among the fruits were apples, apricots,

cherries, figs,melons, mulberries, pears, plums, pomegranates, and quinces. The most

important fruit crop, especially in southern Mesopotamia, was the date. Rich in sugar and

iron, dates were easily preserved. Like barley, the date-palm thrived on the silty soil and

was one of the first plants farmers domesticated.

Here is an ancient recipe fit for a Sumerian king or queen: 

one cup butter,

one-third cup white cheese,

three cups dates,

and one-third cup raisins, all blended with flour.

Mesopotamian farmers also grew lots of vegitables:  onion, garlic, lettuce, cabbage,

cucumbers, carrots and radishes, beets and turnips; and a variety of legumes, including

beans, peas, and chickpeas that could be dried for storage and later use. Cooking oil was

made from sesame seeds.


This is a link to a site with a lot more information about Ancient Mesopotmia

and Sumer!


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    the fruit looks good is it ancient food


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